I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs. When I’m not coding, you’ll find me outdoors snowboarding, mountainbiking or kitesurfing or just hanging out on a lazy day.


Coming from a media university as a background, I have seen a wide range of technology from backends in Java and Spring, mobile development and augmented reality for iOS and Android to machine learning and lot’s of other things in between.

I have always had a passion for coding the visual parts of software. I truly believe in the idea of ease of use and making products that are actually enjoyable. From tweaking my first html tags and changing the background as an inline style till today’s highly optimized and integrated SPA’s, it was a long rollercoaster ride. With all that experience, I think it is time to give something back so stay tuned for my blog :).

Now you may ask, what are you using effectively these days. The answer I might give you is not the one of a religious framework lover, but more the typical developer thing: “It depends”. I am doing a lot of work with angular these days, as it fits the needs for most enterprise apps. At the same time I often consider it to big and complex for smaller things, which is why I started to get my head around React and Vue recently.

I also deal a lot with DevOps these days as lines are blurring. I regularly tweak webpack,  Jenkins, Docker and some cloud technology to bring my app to the customer in the end.